London or not - guest requests for "London"

Started by grahame, May 22, 2022, 04:32 AM

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I was brought up in London and loved it. I have now lived half a lifetime away in Wiltshire and love that too. Both are good but they are different.

Many potential guests from Ukraine don't know the UK and the regions - they only know of London and ask for "London" on our own group's page too even though we are explicitly Wiltshire. We have a reference page which we can easily direct them to to help them chose if they need help. We remind ourselves that they may well have poor connectivity and not much time to read the whole group ...

An educated guess - 1 in 2 requests overall ask for London. But only 1 in 7 of English population live there. In Wiltshire, 2380 have registered with "Homes for Ukraine" as potential sponsors, of whom only about 20% have matched. It IS hard to connect to the other 80% for our volunteer group and some have dropped out, but we are trying and we know there is capacity here for the right guests. Just that some don't know it - after all if YOU had to flee to Ukraine, before this year would you have known your Kyiv from your Kherson?

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