Some questions you might like to ask your potential sponsor

Started by grahame, Mar 22, 2022, 10:27 PM

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Thinking of asking us to sponsor you? Things you might like to ask about living wih us ...

Where do you live? (Place name, type of location)
Are there job opporunities in the area?
Do you smoke or drink alcohol / could we?
Do you have / welcome pets?
Is there level access to the rooms?
How many rooms have you / for how many people?
Are there en-suite (shower or bath and toilet) for us, or would we share?
What about laundry facilities?
Are there cooking facilities for us, or would we share?
Could we have a TV in our room?
What language(s) would you - our hosts - speak?
How close would other people from Ukraine / who spoke our language be?
How much support could you (our hosts) offer?
How long can we stay?
How close are schools, churches, mosque, shops, doctors, dentist?
What is public transport like at your place?
Would I need a car, and if I had one what would parking be like?
Could we use your online / internet connection?
What would we expect of you?
Anything else we (hosts) should tell you?
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