Sponsors - claiming £350 in Wiltshire

Started by grahame, Apr 15, 2022, 02:19 AM

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Sponsors are offered £350 per month for up to a year for providing a place for Ukrainian guests.  Here's how it works in Wiltshire - email received after completion of house and personal checks by Wiltshire Council

QuoteDear Sponsor
Firstly, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous offer of a place to stay for Ukrainian refugees coming to Wiltshire. We are very fortunate in Wiltshire to have so many people who have offered up their home to provide a safe place to stay.
As you may be aware under the Homes for Ukraine scheme the government is allocating monthly payments of £350 per sponsor to assist with the additional costs of hosting Ukrainian families. You do not have to accept this payment but if you do, Wiltshire Council will make monthly payments for up to 12 months, paid in arrears, for as long as you are hosting your guests and that the accommodation provided is of a suitable standard. You will be eligible for the first monthly payment once your guests have arrived and Wiltshire Council has carried out all required checks. There can only be one payment per residential address.
If your guest moves out of your home for any reason, you must inform Wiltshire Council at the earliest opportunity as you will  no longer eligible for the monthly payments.
In order to receive your payments you will need to complete the attached form and return it to refugees@wiltshire.gov.uk Please only complete this form and send to Wiltshire Council once your guests have arrived.
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