Homes for Ukraine Update - 14.4.2022 from HM Government

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Homes for Ukraine Update

We would like to thank you again for your generous offer of accommodation for those fleeing the war in Ukraine. Over 200,000 expressions of interest (EOIs) have been received from people in the UK willing to offer accommodation. These have been useful to help the Government prepare services and support for Ukrainians who might arrive in the UK over the coming months.

We're getting in touch now to inform you of progress, share updated guidance, and let you know about the next steps we'll be taking.

Some applicants have been waiting nearly three weeks for their visa applications to be progressed or an outcome communicated, and we acknowledge that this is unacceptable. We are speeding up the processing of visas and, having prioritised family visas in the first instance, we are now working to accelerate the award of visas under Homes for Ukraine.

The latest data on visas issued under both the Homes for Ukraine and Ukrainian Family schemes was published today by the Home Office. You can view it here:

While many more sponsors will welcome Ukrainians in the coming weeks and months, we also recognise that not all those who expressed an interest in offering accommodation will be able to proceed: some homes, for instance, may be too remote for Ukrainian people who would like access to jobs or who may not be able to drive. Some sponsors, when informed of the level of support people fleeing Ukraine will need and the more detailed criteria, including accommodation standards and safeguarding checks, have chosen to withdraw. We appreciate this and the many reasons for withdrawal – it is no small commitment to host people fleeing a war zone. There will be many ways to help Ukrainians in the UK, other than providing accommodation.

There are instances, too, where Ukrainians with UK sponsors, who have had visas granted, have chosen to remain closer to home as the immediate threat of war fades from their home area. This should be respected by us all, while our doors remain open should circumstances worsen.

Future matching
Many of you who registered an interest in sponsoring have not yet found anyone from Ukraine to sponsor. Finding the right match can be a highly personal decision and requires understanding and planning on both sides. There are already community and voluntary organisations helping to generate matches among communities they know. We are working closely with a number of these organisations and the local government sector to help make it easier for you to sponsor. We will provide further information shortly about how you can work with them to help find a match among Ukrainians who want to come to the UK.

Useful information and guidance
We have published a factsheet that explains how Ukrainians can apply to the Homes for Ukraine scheme, with translations in Ukrainian and Russian. It includes advice on eligibility for the scheme, how to apply, and preparing to travel. You can read the factsheet here:

We have also published a welcome guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK, with Ukrainian and Russian translations. It includes information about what your guests need to know in the first few days and about getting used to life in the UK, including how to access essential public services. You can read the welcome guide here:

You can find answers to frequently asked questions on our guidance page (also in Ukrainian and Russian) which is regularly updated: please keep an eye on it, particularly as your role as a sponsor progresses. You can read the guidance page here:

Residents of Scotland
The Scottish Government will in the next few weeks be contacting residents in Scotland who have expressed an interest in hosting Ukrainians. You will be sent a survey gathering more information from you. Local authorities in Scotland will then carry out the relevant safety and background checks. You can find out more information here:

Residents of Northern Ireland
Further information and guidance for Ukrainian arrivals and sponsors in Northern Ireland can be found here:

Residents of Wales
In the next few weeks, the Welsh Government will be getting in touch with people in Wales who have expressed an interest in hosting Ukrainian people, to ask for some additional information and for your agreement for local authorities to undertake relevant checks so you are ready to act as a sponsor/host.

Thank you once again for registering your interest in the Homes for Ukraine scheme; your generosity is greatly appreciated.
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