Is our UK Government doing enough - Vis processing

Started by grahame, Mar 26, 2022, 10:40 AM

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I watched a Government Minister (Kit Malthouse) on the TV in my hotel lobby this morning talking about how they are doing "as much as they can" to speed up visa applications - they have 35,000 in, and they are processing "hundreds a day".  Hmm - let's say that's 500 a day, then at that rate it will be June before they are all processed. 

He suggested, as I understood it, that sponsors get in touch with their MP to get the MP to prioritise urgent cases.  Me thinks that most cases are dire / urgent and all that MPs actions will do is to move the more vocal up the queue.  Perhaps that's the intent - to help the UK only receive those people who can speak for themselves and be "low maintenance" when they get here. Or is that too cynical a view?

Perhaps what is needed is to say "come here with just the bare minimum of paperwork - we'll sort the rest out once you safe and comfortable".
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